Congratulations, you are service connected, now what?

Veterans and their surviving spouses often fight hard to get the VA to determine that their medical conditions are service connected.  Once a notice of the grant of service connection is delivered, the veteran relaxes, as they feel a weight has been lifted.  Getting service connection is a cause for celebration, but often, further work is needed to maximize VA benefits.

Below are some of the key methods a VA decision can be maximized.

1.Making sure the effective date is correct.  The VA pays retroactive benefits back to the effective date of the claim, so it is key to make sure this date is correct.  The general rule is that VA assigns effective dates for claims as the later of when the initial application was filed or entitlement to the benefit started.  VA raters often pick an incorrect date, such as the date of a medical examination, to set as the effective date.  Getting the correct effective date is key, as it can lead to tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars in additional retroactive pay.  Having the file reviewed by an experienced VA disability law firm can lead to even earlier effective dates and substantial retroactive benefits.

2.Make sure the rating percentage is correct.  VA assigns a percentage rating for every condition for 0% to 100%, and combines those ratings to arrive at an overall percentage, which is used to determine the amount of monthly benefits that will be paid.  VA raters often overlook evidence that could lead to a higher rating, or additional evidence can be submitted to result in an increased rating.  An increased rating can add to both retroactive benefits and ongoing monthly benefits.

3.Determine if you meet the requirements for unemployability benefits.  If a veteran is rated below 100% but is unemployable due to service connected disabilities, a higher rating is available when unemployability is proven.  Veterans found to be unemployable are paid monthly benefits as if they were 100%, so such can be a huge increase to both retroactive and monthly benefits.

Nabors Law Group assists veterans and surviving spouses nationwide to maximize VA disability benefits.  Reach out today for a free case evaluation to discover if there are additional benefits available.