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Our Unique Approach to Achieving Maximum VA Disability Benefits on Appeal

We assist veterans and surviving spouses of veterans in obtaining VA disability benefits.

The Nabors Law Group’s Unique Process to VA Disability Claims

We have developed a unique process that is designed to provide access to the highest VA disability benefits possible, as quickly as possible.

Our process looks different than that of many other law firms, especially those outside of the VA disability practice.

We would like to give you an overview of such a process so you know what to expect and have clarity on how your case is going to be handled.

The Maze of VA Disability Benefits

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Legal Review of VA Disability Benefits Decisions

STEP 1: 

Complete Review of Previous Decisions & Your Existing VA Claims File

The first step in the process is for us to review your current decisions and your full VA claims file.

The VA claims file is the key component to the process of maximizing your VA disability benefits.

This file contains every application for VA disability benefits a veteran has filed, every decision on benefits, any service treatment records the VA obtained, medical records from VA facilities, This record is obtained from the VA with your signed consent.

Q:  Why don’t we schedule a call or meet with your before we receive the VA claims file?

This is a good and frequent question, and the answer is simple: we do not have enough information about your case to have a thorough discussion of your case to have a meaningful dialogue.

Review of the claims file is crucial for us to know which claims are open, what evidence is still needed to support the claim, and any errors the VA may have made in deciding your case.

STEP 2: 

Gathering of Evidence for Your VA Disability Claim

Often once we review a veteran’s claims file, we will see gaps in the evidence.

There are often several particular facts that must be met for the claim to be granted, and many times there is a gap in the evidence to support such claims.

There are several types of evidence that can be used to support a claim.

During the process of gathering evidence, it is important for you to work with our team. There are many types of evidence that, due to various privacy laws, we are unable to gather on your behalf. If we cannot get certain key pieces of evidence, it can greatly diminish the chances of success on the appeal.

Military Records

Military records are often used to show the occurrence of an event that is the claimed source of the disability. Examples of this vary and can range from evidence of a crash site to evidence that the veteran was in a certain area that would entitle them to a presumption of exposure to a known hazardous chemical, such as Agent Orange.

Expert Opinions

These opinions are crucial to winning a VA case. Winning a VA case requires showing a link between an occurrence during service and a current disability.

The expert opinions of medical experts assist in filling this gap. Expert opinions from vocational rehabilitation specialists are often crucial in winning cases for 100% disability based on unemployability, which requires a showing that the veteran cannot engage in substantial gainful employment.

Medical Records

Such records are crucial to helping ensure the VA sets the appropriate rating. Many of the rating criteria for various VA conditions refer to highly technical medical measurements to determine the appropriate rating. Medical records, from providers inside or outside of the VA, are crucial to setting the rating.

Lay Statements

These are statements from non-expert individuals describing evidence needed to prove a claim for VA disability benefits. These statements can be from anyone, and are typically completed by friends, family, coworkers, fellow service members, and anyone else who may have information regarding the claim.

These statements can be used to describe a variety of elements of a VA claim, including describing the event that gave rise to the disability and describing the severity of symptoms for the purposes of rating.

Awaiting the VA Disability Benefits Appeal

STEP 3: 

Submit VA Disability Appeal

Once the evidence is gathered, we will write an appeal brief that presents the evidence to the VA in a way that paints the most compelling story as possible for why benefits should be granted. Along with the evidence, we cite to VA law and cases to support service connection and increased ratings.

STEP 4: 

Awaiting the VA Disability Appeal Decision

Once the brief is submitted, the waiting game begins.

In the current climate, decisions on claims can be made within 2 to 18 months depending on the type of appeal.

When we submit the claim, we will give you an approximate time frame in which we believe the claim will be decided. Note that this is an estimate and actual wait times can differ substantially from such estimate.

Please do not call our office every week for an update, as when we receive information relevant to your case, we will call you.

STEP 5: 

Receiving the VA Disability Appeal Decision

A decision has been made. The final step in the process is for us to review the decision.

If the decision is not a full grant of VA disability benefits, the decision usually contains a list of points that the VA has conceded have been proven, and this allows us to tailor our response.

With a few exceptions, all decisions of the VA can be continuously appealed if such an appeal is filed within a year of a decision.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for us to need several appeals before a full grant of VA disability benefits is made.

It is as equally important for us to review favorable decisions that grant the disability benefits sought.

The VA often awards a rating that is lower than that which is warranted or assigns the wrong back date. Fixing a low rating or a back date issue can result in the payment of tens of thousands of dollars of missed benefits.

This was a quick summary of the process we use to provide you a glimpse of the process we use to get excellent results for veterans and their surviving spouses. Please contact us for a free no obligation review of your VA disability benefits case.

VA Disability Appeal Decision

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