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VA Disability Frequently Asked Questions

Know your VA Disability entitlements.

VA Disability Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to become service connected for a disability?

A VA disability case only requires proof of three elements. There needs to be current symptoms of a disability that was caused or contributed to by your military service. Beyond this basic qualification, we use several legal presumptions provided by law to prove your case.

I have heard that it helps the claim if I contact my Congressional Representative or the White House, should I contact them?

Except in limited circumstances, it is not advantageous to contact your Congressional Representative or the White House. Typically, they will only receive the same update you get from the VA.

Is there an upfront fee to hire Nabors Law Group?

In the majority of cases, our fee is 20% of the back benefits provided by the VA. The fee is withheld by the VA and paid automatically. In certain limited cases, we bill by the hour. All fees are communicated upfront and no fee is presented as a surprise.

Does Nabors Law Group handle VA cases that are not related to VA disability?

No, the firm only handles VA disability cases. There are numerous benefits provided by VA and we are unable to address all the different benefits.

How long will it take for my appeal to be decided by the VA?

This is a common question we receive from clients, and understandably so. Unfortunately, the answer varies based on the type of claim and stage of appeal.

Should I withdraw my claim and file again?

In the vast majority of cases, withdrawing the claim and filing again is not recommended.

When a claim for VA disability is granted, back benefits are provided back to the date the claim was filed. If the claim is withdrawn and refiled, the date of the refiled claim becomes the start date for retroactive benefits, so withdrawing the claim and refiling can cut off thousands of dollars of retroactive benefits.

In the past, original claims were processed much more quickly than appeals, so some veterans withdrew and refiled to speed up the process.

In the current appeals environment, there is rarely a time savings in withdrawing and refiling a claim and the lost of benefits can be substantial.

Once a claim is withdrawn, it cannot, except in limited circumstances, be reinstated, so any withdrawal of a claim should be made with great care.

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